Friday, May 23, 2008

He Walked!

I was wishing my sister a happy birthday on the phone when I turned my head and saw Lliam, several feet from the window taking steps! Will looked over simultaneously, and we both saw him take a few steps and fall to the ground. He had his hands up in the air and was so excited! He must have walked 3 or 4 feet, because he was so far away from the window. During the evening, I got him to take 2 or 3 steps a few times by putting something he wanted just out of reach. The experience was beyond description.

I am continually amazed at Lliam's development. He can say a few words now:

cracker - "gaga"
tree - "tee"
kitty - "kee"
sky - "ky"
socks - "cha"
car - "caa"
ball - "baa"

Yesterday it looked like he was also doing the sign for "eat" by putting his hand up to his face. He may also know the sign for "milk." His fine motor skills are very pronounced now, as he very deliberately pushes buttons with one finger on anything that has buttons. He can open doors, and is not easily fooled by the "replace the dangerous thing he's interested in with a toy" ruse that used to work on him.

At his last Dr. appointment on May 2nd, he was 31.5" and 22.5 lbs. This puts him in the 89th percentile for height and 41st for weight. He's going to be a tall boy!

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