Sunday, May 11, 2008

Target Breast Cancer!

My sister and I didn't know fully what we were getting ourselves into. It started innocently enough when I saw an article in the Livermore Independent magazine about the 3rd Annual Bras for the Cause Breast Cancer Fundraiser Walk. The distance was 10K, and I thought it would be perfect for Holly and I to do, as she was preparing for the Avon 2-day walk in July. The fun part of the walk is that participants have the pleasure of decorating their braziers and wearing them on the outside of their clothing. At first, I thought about forgoing this honor, but on my way home from work, I thought of something bold, simple and to the “point” (yes, pun intended):

Holly and I both wondered if we were shooting ourselves in the foot by doing this – we thought we'd be one of the most bold out there. Not so. Upon our arrival at the walk to sign up, we were confronted by a gaggle of women wearing purple cheerleading outfits with....take a wild guess...pom-poms glued to their braziers!

A few minutes after we signed in, we heard the chant of a large group of women walking in: “Hey hey, ho ho! Breast Cancer has got to go!” These ladies had spirit!

The people watching was excellent, and we were particularly awed by the, well, “balls” of this guy:

I've never seen such an eye-catching sports bra! The other men who showed up deserve some props also:

The walk got off to a rolicking start – there was lots of hootin' and hollerin' as we paraded through the streets of downtown Pleasanton. We got lots of comments such as “there go the target girls! You guys don't work for Target, do you?” The support vehicles were awesome, as we had a limo, several motorcycles and a few cars that would repeatedly circle by and encourage us as we walked. There were also some great street corner supporters. One couple actually re-parked several times on the route and cheered us on with music.

We were all tuckered out by the end, but all-in-all, we want to do this again next year! If you haven't had enough, here's more...

Bras for the Cause 2008-05-10

Here are a few official event pics as well.

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