Friday, September 26, 2008

40+ Words

Lliam knows at least 40 words now, and he usually has a favorite word that changes every week or so. For a while it was "car," then it was "cracker," and at the moment, it's "down." Last night he fed me some food off of his plate, and he was delighted! Yesterday he observed that Will was rounding up all the library books to return, and Lliam, in his efforts to be helpful, started bringing Will a series of books to put in the bag.

We have a great evening routine now. I take Lliam for a walk around the block, and he gets to play for a few minutes with the neighbor's cute little dog. He's very good now with holding hands and calmly leaving with me when it's time to go, instead of screaming and sitting on the sidewalk. After we start to walk away, he says "bye bye." When it's time for bed, we climb the stairs together and he runs into his room to turn on his ladybug star projector, which he got from grandparents on his birthday. Then I tell him it's time to brush our teeth, so he comes over and I seat him on the counter with his toothbrush. We brush our teeth together. He has observed that I periodically turn on the faucet and place my toothbrush under the water to rinse it off. Lliam decided that was a good idea, so he has figured out how to do the same. When I put my toothbrush back and say "all done," he follows suit.

Then it's time for his diaper and he plays with his Sunshine Bear care bear, which talks and sings while I change him. He has figured out how to squeeze the bear's hand to make it talk. Then I kiss him "goodnight" and head downstairs. Often he'll be awake for a while, kicking the turtle in his crib, but he doesn't whine or cry. Eventually, he's fast asleep. When Lliam wakes up, he's very calm. He often lies quitely in his crib for half an hour or longer, just running his favorite green blanket (made by his grandma) through his hands. He just lies there, waiting for one of us to get him up.

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