Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

The three of us have been thoroughly enjoying New Year's Eve, starting with a low-key trip to Capitola. Upon arrival, the parking deities smiled upon us not once but twice; first by offering up a nearby spot, and shortly thereafter by rendering the parking meter inoperable, thus obviating the need for scrounging up quarters from the ashtray. Lliam's new words of the day are shovel, beach, sand, ocean and volcano. Huh? Volcano? OK, so it was actually "cano," which he uttered immediately after Will told him that the "sandcano" they had built was about to erupt. I can think of some four letter words that he shouldn't be hearing even once!

In other news, I've been familiarizing myself with all the fancy functions on our point-and-shoot camera, so pardon the lame attempts at artsy-fartsy. I was mostly trying to master a narrow depth-of-field, and custom exposures, which is particularly challenging in direct sunlight with a toddler for a subject. You can see that there are very few, if any shots in which he directly faces the camera.

After our beach excursion, we meandered around the various shops of Capitola, where I indulged in a distinctively unique red coat at a patchouli-scented hippie store. Just before the cry fest started, we realized it was nap time and headed back to the car. Did I mention that not only was it gorgeously sunny, but also in the mid 60s?

New Years Eve in Capitola

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