Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A look back on December - a month of words

I don't know how many words Lliam knew on December 1, but his vocabulary must have at least doubled since then. My estimate is that he now knows between 200 and 250 words, and speaks in 2-3 word sentences. He easily learns 5-10 words a day now, and can even recognize most letters of the alphabet. My guess is that he's been soaking up words like a sponge for quite some time, but now he can quite readily say them all and know what he means. Some of my favorite things he says are listed below, each with accompanying English translation.

Lliam : More all done
translation: I'm finished

Lliam : More mommy please
translation: I want to see mom

Lliam : Bye bye blanket, bye bye night night
translation: I'm done sleeping and want to go downstairs

Lliam : More down please
translation: I want to get down

Lliam : Owie chin
translation: My chin hurts

Lliam : Dada home
translation: Daddy just walked in the door

Lliam : No funny
translation: I'm standing on the coffee table and laughing and I know mommy and daddy are not amused

Lliam : No eat
translation: I'm putting play-doh in my mouth even though mommy said not to

Lliam : More ABC sign
translation: I want to watch the ABCs signing time DVD

Lliam : More me-me please
translation: I want to watch the you tube video where the muppets sing the Habanera

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