Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recent Lliam Quotes

Here's some cute stuff Lliam has said recently...
  • After sniffing a clean paper towel: "This towel smells skunky."
  • After I mentioned that great grandma could see his blog, he picked up his green race car that grandma Bobbie gave him for his birthday several months ago and said: "Great Grandma gave this to me!"
  • Several months ago, his grandparents took him to the store and were going to buy him a Bob the Builder car.  He told them that "it might need batteries."
  • "I have to go to work now"
  • Every morning when he wakes up:
    • Me: "What did you dream about last night?"
    • Lliam: "Thomas and Emily." (Trains from a kid's TV show.)
    • Me: "What were they doing in your dream?"
    • Lliam: "They went in the water."
  • Learning about cars.
    • Me: "What kind of car is that?" (pointing to his die-cast Lambroghini)
    • Lliam: "It's a zucchini car."
    • Me: "It's a Lambroghini"
    • Lliam: "It's a Lambroghini"
    • Lliam (several days later, pointing to the car): "That's not a zuchini car."
  • After one of us puts him to bed, and he is trying to get us to come back upstairs, he says "I need to go pee pee on the potty!"  This is his way of staying up longer because he knows we respond to this during the day.

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