Saturday, August 15, 2009

Amazing Lliam Moments of Yesterday & Today


My car has had squeaky breaks for a couple of days. Will picked me up after carpooling home from work, and I remarked that my car noise was getting worse. He said he would take a look at it this weekend. Then, Lliam told Will that "mommy's car has squeaky wheels. Daddy's going to fix it." We didn't use the words "squeaky" or "fix" in our conversation, but he obviously understood what we were talking about.


Lliam got a hold of my iPhone and started playing around with it. Eventually, he launched the maps application and started scrolling around a map of the South Bay. He then said "grandma and grandpa live in Washington." Not only did he know that he was looking at was a map, but he knew that a place called Washington was on there somewhere. He then navigated to a screen displaying a series of photos I had taken of him. He said "want to post them on facebook." Now how did he figure out that photos were something that one should "post on facebook?"

From Grandma

I stole this one from Lliam's grandma. Apparently they were picking cherry tomatoes in her garden, and Lliam would take a bite of each tomato and toss it in the dirt. Grandma politely asked him to either eat the whole tomato, or leave it on the bush. Lliam then proceeded to pick a tomato, take a bite, then put it back on the bush.

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