Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Want Pasta!

Lliam doesn't easily forget. Last night, he had a delirious evening of latching onto any concept that was in front of him, repeating his current obsession over and over with utmost conviction.  "Mommy, pick me up," "I want pasta," "I want to stay wet" (after peeing slightly in his pants). I finally had to put him to bed without dinner, because there was no way he was sitting still to eat.

Lliam chose one of his tantrum chants to remember at 1:30 am, when he woke up crying. Since he rarely does this, I was immediately vertical. I asked Lliam what was the matter, and after saying that he was itchy, he changed his tune to "I want to go downstairs and eat pasta." I had to stay in bed with him for an hour before he fell asleep.

Lliam is seems to be a linear person. Or, perhaps he is in a linear stage of life, in which he will not jump from step 1 to step 3 without protesting that step 2 was overlooked.

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