Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lliam's first camping trip with a friend

We just got back from a truly awesome camping trip with Sue, Steve, Owen, Tobin, Holly and Karen at Big Basin. Sue and I met at the park about a year and a half ago and we immediately hit it off. We both work in the tech industry and our husbands are both stay-at-home dads. Lliam and Owen really had fun playing together right off the bat too. At the time, Lliam was almost 2, and Owen was almost 3. We exchanged phone numbers with the promise of getting together soon. Of course being busy working moms, neither one of us followed through, especially since Sue was 7 months pregnant with Tobin at the time.

As chance would have it, Steve and Will met at the same park several months later (this time with baby Tobin in tow), and they made the connection that the kids knew each other because the wives had met before. Lliam and Owen once again had a ball playing and were instant friends, despite the age difference of almost a year. This time, Will and Steve followed through and began getting together about once a week, exchanging Daddy war stories while the boys played.

This past Halloween, Lliam and Owen got to enjoy the Livermore downtown Halloween event together, and also went trick-or-treating together in Owen's neighborhood. They were so adorable tromping around (Lliam was a Skeleton, and Owen was Pablo from the Backyardigans) asking for candy.

Fast forward to this weekend, when we set forth on our first joint family camping trip at Big Basin Redwoods state park. The dads took the kids their early on Friday to claim adjacent sites, and we got the perfect setup, with a huge play area for the kids. Sue and I came a little later after work, and the boys already had a healthy layer of camping dirt and mud all over them. We were lucky enough to be camped next to the water spigot, so there was plenty of water play going on.

Over the course of the weekend, Lliam and Owen seemed to be on cloud nine most of the time. They got to ride their scooters up and down the camp road, and they each got to be king of their own little section of camp. They had diplomatic talks and swapped territories at one point, and even were joint kings for a spell. They played air rockets, squirt guns and did a lot of imaginary play together. Will even made them a little zip line between two trees and they took turns sliding down it. It was so amazing to see them playing together like older boys, and not just side-by-side like toddlers.

One of my favorite moments of the weekend was on the way to the bathroom with the boys. Owen said "Lliam, I really love going camping with you." Lliam shared the sentiment. I was very touched when Lliam said he preferred holding Owen's hand to mine. I'm glad that they are friends, and it helps that our families are so compatible.

The adults had a lot of time to relax by the camp fire. It was really nice to be able to kick back in a place with no cell phone reception or internet. There was definitely a lot of laughter and good times.

Here are the pics:

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