Friday, September 30, 2011

Meatballs hitting the earth

Lliam and Catherine, the daughter of our next door neighbor, are good friends. Often you will see them in the driveway playing with chalk or riding bikes. Catherine always has some kind of a treat for Lliam. Ice cream bars, crackers, juice. Equally as often, Lliam shows Catherine our cat while Catherine giggles incessantly.

Two days ago, Lliam and Catherine unsuccessfully take turns trying to get each other to come outside and play. First, Catherine comes over while Lliam is in time out. Then, Lliam comes over while Catherine is doing homework. The third time, Catherine comes over while Lliam is eating dinner. We tell him that he can't play until he finishes eating.

Lliam, a child who normally measures his intake in molecules and has the attention span of a mosquito when it comes to eating, proceeds to run back to the table and stuff two whole meatballs into his mouth. Apparently he is capable of devouring an entire cow if it will result in a little social interaction.

Last night, Lliam says to me "dying isn't fun, is it mom?" He has been very curious about death and God lately. I casually say no, it's not very fun. Then he comments that when you get old, the asteroids come and you die. Internally I wonder how on earth my four-year-old can worry about such things. I ask him if he means that the asteroids hit the earth and a big explosion happens which kills people. He yes. OK, I didn't hear him wrong. He really is talking about asteroids. I find out that he saw this on TV (probably a PBS documentary), and without knowing else to say, I tell him that asteroids hitting the earth is "hypothetical." "Do you know what hypothetical means?" I ask. Of course he says "no." I tell him it means "pretend." I think he's satisfied.

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