Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas memories day 1: Super Slide

We almost didn't get a Christmas tree this year. December is well underway and we won't be home on Christmas, so our tree-buying apathy was in full force. I think part of it came from memories of driving up to the mountains and cutting down a fresh tree on a dewy hillside under fluffy clouds of fog. Recreating such a memory sounded a bit daunting, given where we live in relation to aforementioned dewy hillsides. On the other hand, trucking over to the drugstore and picking up a triangle of half-brown needles nailed to a wooden "X" sounded anti-climactic.

Then I remembered a pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm that I saw on the side of the freeway in the hills of Castro Valley, just 20 minutes from our home. They don't grow the trees there, so there's no yelling 'timber', but at least you get the dewy hillside experience. The three of us scooted over there after a long Monday. Lliam and Will immediately fell into a game of frolicking among the rows of trees, playing hide-and-seek (psst...don't tell Will I described it as 'frolicking').

This year, we immediately agreed on a smaller tree, so we were looking at the 5-6 foot category without debate. A final decision required much deliberation, however, so we took a break by whizzing down a giant slide they had set up in the back of the lot. It had charming flashing lights on top surrounding the words "super slide" like a vintage 1960s motel sign. There were 3 different tracks on the slide, side-by-side, so we enjoyed going down in tandem:

After this respite from weighty decision making, we were finally able to settle on a 5' plus noble fir, now perched in our living room.

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