Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas memories day 10: 2012 recap

This year for Christmas we headed down to Will's folks place in Arroyo Grande. Aunt Rebecca (Will's sister) and Uncle Todd joined us down there as well. They had to leave on Christmas eve, so we decided to do the present-unwrapping extravaganza on Christmas eve morning.

Lliam is well aware of dates and days of the week and would know that something was fishy about the timing of Santa's arrival, so we needed to figure out how to explain it to him. At dinner the night before Christmas eve, I told Lliam that Uncle Todd and Aunt Rebecca had to leave the next day, and that we wanted to do Christmas together. I asked Lliam if he thought that Santa would make special arrangements for it. Sure enough, Lliam said yes, Santa would come early if we asked.

Todd suggested we leave a bri--er--offering for the reindeer to sweeten the deal. Lliam thought it would be a good idea to write a note to Santa so that he would know that the carrots we were about to put on the porch were actually for the reindeer. Will told Lliam that he needed to write the note himself or else Santa would know it wasn't him. So, he set to work.

The next morning came with great excitement. Lliam was ecstatic to receive his most coveted wish of a slot car set. Will struggled a bit with unwrapping presents with his Elmo muppet hands, Lliam's hypothesis that one of his presents was a bionicle was confirmed and Rebecca performed a brown kitty dance for us all.

We rounded out the afternoon with some skating at the Madonna Inn, which had been fully booked the day before.

On Christmas Day we took a leisurely bike ride down to Avila Beach on the Bob Jones trail, and on the way back home we stopped in Salinas to have lunch with Emma, Mike and Ava, who we hadn't seen in about a year.

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