Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas memories day 3: The all-seeing Santa

Like any politician, rather than making good on his promise to clean up the pile of board games after watching TV, Lliam decides to change the agenda. First, he pins the blame on Dad for eating all the watermelon. Suddenly, the scarcity watermelon is causing a board-game-cleaning labor shortage. Then it turns out that the humming of my electric tooth brush is making for unsatisfactory working conditions.

I want none of this and start counting Lliam down to a time out. He stomps off downstairs and within 5 minutes, a quiet miracle settles over the house. He is methodically, wordlessly, gathering up the miniature pieces and placing them carefully back into their boxes. I walk in and ask him how things are going. Lliam says "I guess Santa will erase my name and then put it back." I'm puzzled. With a few more probing questions, I figure out that he is referring to the legendary 'nice' list that Santa keeps. Lliam realizes that bad behavior will have him removed from the list, but also recognizes that he can follow through to regain a coveted spot.

The board games are now neatly put away in the cupboard and Lliam is decidedly back on the list.

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