Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas memories day 6: beyond Graham cracker houses

2 T Cream of Tartar
1.5 cups warm water
6 egg whites
6 pounds of powdered sugar
1 food processor
5 boxes of Graham Crackers
1 pile of candy, pretzels, marshmallows, and anything else that is pretty, edible, and unhealthful.

Yield: one family tradition that spans through 2 generations.

My first graham cracker house was a few crackers glued to a milk carton. I was probably in the first grade. Each year I got more elaborate, until several years ago, when I decided to build an Aztec pyramid:

Lliam was two that year, and got a kick out of the concept that he was working on a craft project that he could eat!

This year, Lliam knew exactly what he wanted to build: a Hot Wheels track, complete with gummy bear racers. 

I opted for a 2-D look with my Old West town meant to mimic the town of Hill Valley, circa 1885.

2003 was the last year I can remember doing graham cracker houses with my sisters and parents. Will decided that a stationary dwelling was too boring, so he created a submarine breaching the Russian seas.

I must have been thinking Swiss Family Robinson that year, because I created a desert island complete with a palm tree house. As I recall, the sand was made up of ground-up chex cereal, adhered to the base with frosting.

Karen was inspired by the gummy bears and made a ski run.

My dad usually does something that looks engineered. The more polygons and right angles, the better. This must have been his.

I sure wish I had a picture of the year he made the Arc De Triomphe. It was quite impressive.

No matter what I build, I'm always the last one sitting at the table, finishing off the last details of my creation. For some reason, my cracker sculpture takes longer. But, it's always worth the effort.

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