Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas memories day 9: Jingle Bells

Every kid knows the Batman version of jingle bells:

Jingle bells
Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
The Batmobile lost a wheel
and Joker got away hey!

As kids, my sisters and I decided that we needed our own family version of the song:

Jingle bells
Daddy smells
Mommy laid an egg
The brown Dodge van lost a wheel
and Hatchy got away hey!

In those days we had an old Dodge van that we bought from our neighbors when they moved away. Holly and I would argue over who got her own bench seat and who had to share with Karen and her bulky car seat. We made a truce after realizing we could take turns with the bench seat. To reinforce our pact, we would often look at one another while out on errands. One of us would ask: "remember?" and then in unison: "seats." That Dodge van carried us through many a camping trip, until, on one particularly hot day, the headliner peeled off the ceiling. Holly rolled it up and held it to the ceiling the whole way home from Davis as it flapped in the hot breeze.

As for Hatchy, he was, coincidently, foisted upon us by that same neighbor when he moved away. Hatchy was the most frightening dog I have ever met. He haunted my dreams often, like some evil creature possessed. I don't believe anyone in the family was particularly fond of Hatchy. Nor would anyone have thought it a great tragedy had he gotten away. Some years later he ate rat poison and croaked, probably costing my parents a few C-notes in vet bills. Later versions of our Jingle Bells song featured our beloved cat Iris who was with us for many years.

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