Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Meaning of Christmas: Lliam's Perspective

The following is a transcript of an interview I had with Lliam about Christmas. I recall a similar interview my parents did for me and my sisters when I was about five or six.

What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas means very fun and very nice presents.

What kind of fun do you like to have?
Very cool car racetrack toys that Santa gives me. I would love for Santa to give me the presents that I like. I wish Santa could give me a two battle Ninjago set.

Why is it important for Santa to give presents to other kids?
Because other kids want presents too.

What do you like to do on Christmas?
Show friends my presents, and if it's a race car, I could share it with them. Maybe my friends could come over to my house and I could show them other very cool sets.

Is there anyone else you like to spend time with on Christmas?
Owen and Marcus.

What do you think about Christmas and family?
I think some family and some friends could come to our house and have a big party.

What do you like about having a big party?
Because there's a lot of people to come over to talk to and play with and see, who I'm missing for a while.

What do you remember about last year's Christmas?
I remember when I woke up, you and Dad were there and I saw a bike that I wanted. You bought it for me but had to hide it. How many days in December have there been? 

He opens up his Advent calendar for the day.

Do you know why we have Christmas?

Do you know who Jesus is?
God's son.

Christmas is Jesus' birthday.
Did Jesus die?

If Christmas is Jesus' birthday, why do you think everybody gets presents?
I think that's still giving things to Jesus. I don't know why Santa is giving presents to everybody. Do you think he's giving presents to even people in China?

What do you think? Do you think everybody in China has Christmas presents?
I don't know. Maybe. Yes. No. Could I watch TV?

What's the meaning of life?
I think God knows the meaning of life. But you couldn't hear him or talk to him. But I think God can hear you, so why wouldn't he talk to you. Do you think God can really talk?

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