Sunday, January 13, 2013

On a Sunday Afternoon

Karen's visit today was a series of consumption venues punctuated by interludes of appetite-building activites.

  1. Mini golf in the frigid, breezy air. Lliam: 99, Karen: 58, Julie: 56. Our competitive spirits were in full force down to the last hole, in which Julie turned Karen's one stroke lead into triumphant victory.
  2. Downtown coffee shop, in which Karen imbibed a cappuccino, Lliam enjoyed a mint-chocolate steamer, and Julie downed a double latte; all while Julie successfully averted social contact with a former classmate and the most obnoxious acquaintance of her existence.
  3. Brief stroll through downtown shops, including adoration of rescue puppies, purchase of eyeshadow at ostentatious girly store and knitting of eyebrows at upside down Christmas trees adorned with 50% off ornaments.
  4. Mid-afternoon snack at the First Street Alehouse under the muted winter sun. Lliam inhaled a plate of mini corn dogs and two cups of Sprite-branded sugar water, after which his energetic hopping was attributed equally to bladder condition and blood sugar. 
  5. Back home for game of plunder and conquest, in which Lliam deftly executed a series of trades that earned him total game board domination.
  6. Evening excursion to IHOP, in which Karen attempted to broker two dinner orders on behalf of her boyfriend and his friend who were en route from the ski slopes by sending them blurry pictures of the menu. Meanwhile, they were browsing a much more legible facsimile on the establishment's website.

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