Saturday, April 20, 2013

Facebook and Doughnuts

Last week I closed my Facebook account. I was tired of wading through a mountain of ads and irrelevant posts to find anything of value or interest. I found myself checking my feed, somehow thinking that this time would be different, only to be disappointed by yet another photo montage of half-eaten burritos and varying shades of beer. I was uncomfortable posting much on my feed because I just don't trust the company. Lastly, I realized that those who really care what I'm up to will make the effort to follow my blog.

Before I closed my account, I looked at options for downloading information from Facebook, because I didn't want to lose all the memories that I once posted on my timeline over the past several years. It turns out that there is an option to download your account, but I was quite saddened to learn that the information did not include any of my posts! To save them for posterity, I painstakingly went through every post in my timeline and copied them into a google doc. I uncovered gems such as this one:
March 22, 2011
Last night Lliam and I were doing "doughnuts" with his monster trucks on the carpet. All of a sudden, Lliam got up and started walking in a circle and shaking his truck. "What are you doing?" I asked. Lliam: "I'm putting sprinkles on my doughnut!"
I have a very poor memory for details such as the above, so I rely on writing as a way to faithfully record my memories outside of my unreliable brain. For a while I had used Facebook as the vessel for my memories, but the audience was all wrong. I really wanted to keep a history for myself, not people that I was sort of acquainted with 10 years back.

I have sporadically kept a handwritten journal for personal memories, but I find that writing by hand is a barrier to quickly and frequently recording my thoughts. My next best choice is to use this blog. I am still nervous about the longevity of my memories in such a form, but this seems like the next best option. I will endeavor to write more brief posts so I can remember more of the sprinkled doughnuts in my life.

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