Monday, April 22, 2013

Yoga, Boyfriends Mille Bornes

Lliam was especially sweet tonight. He was describing how he was looking at some baby pictures with Will. Lliam told Will how much he loved him and gave him two hugs.

This evening after I got home, Lliam said that he wanted to do a workout with me. About a week ago, I was doing a workout in front of the TV (it was an Insanity DVD). Lliam did the entire workout with me and got so sweaty he took his shirt off. While I was doing some of the exercises, he was even coaching me on my form, telling me to keep my back straight during push-ups, etc.

Tonight, he wanted to do P90X yoga with me. We did it together for about 20 minutes. Lliam followed instruction to a "T" to the point where he even got up and had a sip of water when the instructor said to have a drink.

Earlier in the evening he wanted to invite the neighbor girl (Catherine) over to play one of our favorite card games, called Mille Bornes. He specifically wanted to invite her because she said she liked the game. After she came over, Lliam said that he was her boyfriend. Catherine emphatically said that no, he wasn't her boyfriend. I then asked Lliam what a boyfriend was. He said a boyfriend is when a girl decides that she wants to be with a boy and get engaged to be married. He wasn't sure what a girlfriend was.

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