Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Weekend

I took Lliam back to the Stanford Theater this Saturday. We saw Astaire and Rogers twirling around in The Gay Divorcee. I asked Lliam if he wanted to stay for the second feature, Top Hat, and he eagerly agreed. Lliam was quite amazed to see the same actors in both films and seems fascinated by acting in general. He made a comment after the movie that he wanted to act in movies.

Toward the end of Top Hat, the characters went to Venice and Lliam immediately asked if they were in the "sinking city." Afterward he got to hear the organ player for the first time. We danced in the aisle and I taught Lliam ballroom dancing posture. He liked twirling me around. An elderly woman approached us and shared that she was born in the same year that Top Hat was made. She asked Lliam if he enjoyed the film and seemed to delight in the younger generation's appreciation of the classic.

This weekend saw temperatures in the 100+ degree range, so Sunday morning, Will, Lliam and I hopped in the car and drove over to Del Valle, intending to rent a canoe so we could paddle around the lake. It turns out that we had to rent 2 canoes because only 2 occupants are allowed per canoe. Will and I fought the wind as we paddled up the lake, but made it to a nice swimming spot where Lliam delighted in being tossed into the water by his dad. Each time he surfaced he giggled and shouted "again, again, again!"

Later in the evening, I was still in the mood for classic film so Lliam and I started watching Funny Face. Lliam recognized Astaire opposite Hepburn and asked me if he really loved all of those girls. I explained to him that part of acting is pretending. Since this type of question comes up a lot, I'm not sure how much of it he really grasps.

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