Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I forgot my phone today

I left my phone in the car, at the train station this morning. I am happy to report that nothing blew up.

As I waited for the evening train, I stared across the Silicon Valley to the hills in the east, noticing how remarkably clear the air was this evening. I reflected on the conversations that happened throughout the day. I noticed a furry four-legged creature skulking across the train tracks from a distance. I went to the bathroom without checking the latest stock prices. My entire train ride was spent writing code rather than sending emails.  I was able to transition from car to train back to car to office much more rapidly because I was not fiddling with my headphones or plugging into my stereo to play music. I actually listened to the radio. I made it to an unfamiliar coffee shop to meet a friend in the morning, on time. After being engaged in conversation for a while, asked my friend what time it was because I had no idea. I wasn't able to instantly satisfy my desire to find out whether I had unwatched episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix. I snobbishly turned up my nose at all the muggles at the train station who were hunched over their mobile devices.

Take my advice. Forget your phone every now and then.

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